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In the world of wikis there are 2 common paradigms, the Deletionist Model, and the Inclusionist Model. In the past German Wikipedia has used a Deletionist model, and English Wikipedia has used an Inclusionist model.


The Deletionist perspective is that maybe we don’t need an article on every single character on a new RealityTV show that might be off the air in a few weeks. Maybe we don’t need an article on every single Pokemon ever.


The Inclusionist perspective is that unlike a paper encyclopedia that becomes ridiculously large, heavy, and expensive in a short time, a virtual encyclopedia is weightless. And we’re probably not going to run out of server space. So why not include everything? Who knows, maybe today’s silly pop culture moment will be a key element of some future PhD candidate’s thesis research.

Please accept my resignation. I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.

— Telegram from Groucho Marx to the Friar’s Club of Beverly Hills

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English Wikipedia Today

The Deletionist vs Inclusionist models are part of why English Wikipedia is today more than twice the size of German Wikipedia. But after logging its first 5 million-or-so articles, English Wikipedia switched from an Inclusionist model to a Deletionist model. It’s a bit harder to get a new article into English Wikipedia today than it once was. I know of one avatar performance artist who a couple of London theatre students spent a fair amount of effort researching and producing a Wikipedia article on. The day after they posted their big project a Wikipedia admin said he wasn’t sure if her work was noteworthy enough. The day after that he deleted their article.

Safe to say, any blue-chip artist you can think of will have a substantial Wikipedia article. And lots and lots of mid-career artists too. But there are plenty of mid-career artists, and even more emerging artists who don’t have Wikipedia articles. Does this matter? By now we probably realize that in a web of connections, what server content is on isn’t all that important. If you Google someone and find content about or by them, you don’t care that much if it happens to be on Wikipedia or somewhere else. Still, as the 7th most visited site in all the vastness of The Internet, Wikipedia does matter, and lots of contemporary artists aren’t there.

Vicky & Ed

What happened in 1863 when Vicky Meurent was juried in to the Paris salon, and Ed Manet was juried out? Was he just bad that year? Were the judges unable or unwilling to appreciate what he was going for? Lucky for Ed he only had to schlepp across the street and hang his stuff in the Salon des Refusés. Lucky for us too. And lucky you, if you haven’t been deemed worthy of an article in Deletionist English Wikipedia you no longer have to feed your graduate assistant tips on what to put into your article, you can just have an article right here on the Wiki des Refusés, Rejectapedia.

You’re Welcome!


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